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If you have not been in for a visit yet, take a virtual tour! Here’s what Urban Plates in Del Mar, California looks like…


farm to plate & won’t break the bank!

Hi, It’s Cory Newman at Urban Plates. I’m the Executive Chef and General Manager in Del Mar, and I want to thank you for your interest in our restaurant and our blog.

We’ve got a lot of new ideas, and we’re excited that you’re curious enough to want to know more about them – and about us!

You may have read that we’re farm to plate and won’t break the bank! It’s true. Farm means freshly delivered from local farms and producers. Plate means chef-crafted dishes piled high with one-of-a-kind flavors. Won’t break the bank means you could pay twice as much for food this good.

Our restaurant is unique. We designed it to provide you, your family, and your friends with a terrific experience, led by me and a team of dedicated professionals, several of whom have culinary degrees. Our menu and our service system are designed to feed one person or an entire group. You can enjoy the experience for lunch, dinner, or late evening at home or in the comfort of our beautiful restaurant. If you dine in, we even have two patio areas, one with a fire pit for your enjoyment.

We also have an open kitchen—you can watch everything being made. All of our food ingredients are beautifully displayed in front of you—you simply order as you walk through and we will prepare your meal immediately as you watch. Virtually all of our food is prepared from scratch throughout the day using the finest ingredients. We use natural or organic ingredients where possible and where it makes sense.

I’ll be sharing some of our favorite recipes and tips right here on this blog, so keep an eye out (and subscribe so we can notify you of any updates)!

Thanks for your time and patience in letting me present some things about our restaurant to you.

If you’re hungry and near Del Mar, stop in. You’ll be impressed with what you see, and you’ll love our food.

I look forward to seeing you!

- Chef Cory